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International Mongolian Contemporary Art Exhibition


NEW YORK – OCTOBER 16, 2016 – An art exhibition featuring Mongolia’s most talented contemporary artists opened today
at the United Nations to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Mongolia’s accession to the United Nations.

The exhibition was launched by prominent Mongolian artists, Ts.Enkhjin, E.Zoljargal, and B.Nasantsengel, and the gallery director,
Boshko Boshkovic, with the support of The Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations Office.

The exhibition showcases art, paintings and photographs by twelve artists who represent Mongolian’s finest contemporary art.
The exhibition will be on display from October 1-­‐31, 2016.

In a heartfelt speech, Ambassador Extraordinary and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, Sukhbold Sukhee,
spoke about the day (October 27, 1961) when Mongolia became a full-­‐fledged member of the United Nations and what that has meant
to the Mongolian people.

Mongolia has been an active member of the United Nations participating and contributing to its activities and
purposes. The United Nations supports Mongolia in its socio-economic development, environment protection, democracy promotion
and human rights.

Mongolia ensured its independence and sovereignty, safeguarded its security, and strengthened its position in the international
community. The Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, Od OCH also attended the opening ceremony.

Dr. Faustino Quintanilla, Director of the QCC Art Gallery and an organizer of the exhibition also spoke. “The art of writing in brush,
calligraphy, both literary and visual, if being rediscovered in Mongolia as a viable and potent form of expression.” He reiterated
his commitment to showcase contemporary artists from Mongolia and the Far East to reveal this extraordinary array of talent.

Featured artists include:


Also in attendance were prominent members of the United Nations, worldwide business leaders, respected patrons of
the art community, and the media, including, publisher and editor-­‐in chief, Gloria Starr Kins and editor, Edna L. Perkins
of Society & Diplomatic Review, artistic director & celebrity photographer, Eric von Lockhart and yours truly, Penelope Bunn.u


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