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Mambé, where purpose-driven lives unite to make a difference.

Mambé is a non-profit organization determined to end poverty by boosting vulnerable communities through its very own innovation and development centers (CIDS). The organization's mission is to reshape the future by creating opportunities, harboring conscious and sustainable initiatives, and empowering vulnerable communities through their Centers of Innovation and Sustainable Development (CIDS). CIDS are spaces built by and for the community in which the citizens are granted access to innovation, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities to achieve Mambé's main goal:

creating life-changing opportunities with the power to end poverty.

Founder, Cindy Toledo speaking at Concordia, Guainia

Philan-therapy is a methodology designed by Mambé for the purpose of driving lives to awaken innate talents and create opportunities for the community. Both as a methodology and philosphy for a way of living, philan- therapy is based on the practice of searching within oneself for what one can contribute to the world. It encourages weaknesses to be seen as opportunities, it works towards honest, permanent and sustainable changes and it pushes those who believe in it to never forget the power of their own purposes.

Philan-therapy is based on four pillars: empowerment, innovation, culture and resilience. It is a methodology designed to build confidence and empower individuals so that they can activate their innate talents and also restore the creative power of a community by understanding the true essence of that community.

Take for example, Cimarron, the prototype that showed Mambé this was possible. At the very beginning, Mambé dove deep into the issues and problems affecting the community and tried to

understand the essence of its people to embrace change and transformation from within. During the second phase of the project the coordinators realized that for dreams to come true, the community needed a safe space where they could feel empowered and regain confidence in themselves.

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The organization's biggest learning experience in Cimarron was the understanding of the CIDS as a key element towards the reduction of poverty. Through this prototype, projects began to sprout, confidence improved, and dreams led the way towards a hopeful future without poverty.

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