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Society & Diplomatic Review

Today, Society & Diplomatic Review is worldwide, with offices located in New York, Washington D.C.,

London, China, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Chad, Kuwait, Paraguay, and Egypt. Formerly known as the Diplomatic World Bulletin, is a leading diplomatic society publication and consulting firm based in New York. We are officially accredited to the United Nations. Provides publishing, executive intelligence, global consulting and public relations.


Society & Diplomatic Review covers the UN communities and the New York high-society world. The magazine

is respected in diplomatic circles, UN headquarters and Missions, foreign Embassies and Consulates worldwide as

well as high-ranking society, corporate leaders, powerful public relations firms, and NGOs.


Eminent leaders and CEOs who are our readers, consider SADR an important key to major decision makers as

we provide them external consultant services and inspire corporate leaders to discuss important issues impacting

the business community and to develop strategies to initiate global outreach for business expansion.

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