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"AI for Peace" The Peace Innovation Initiative a collaboration between Chopra and Kenneth Cole

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Silhanek

The Future event hosted by the Chopra Foundation alongside Deepak Chopra and Kenneth Cole explored the future of AI and its' different impacts. We The Future focuses on bridging the generational gap brought on by these times of unprecedented progress. The goal is to do this by collectively exploring the next great technological leap: Artificial Intelligence. They believe eventually AI will be used by everybody and that if people unite across the different generational perspectives, there will be a possibility to have AI conquer some of humanity’s greatest challenges, and not simply stampede over human creativity and flourishing.

This will only be the case however, if it is guided properly from the start. In this spirit, The Peace Innovation Initiative,as a community of preeminent visionaries leading a global movement to accelerate positive disruption and establish peace as the cornerstone of innovation worldwide, is proud to champion We The Future and their work to accomplish this new AI driven future for the benefit of humanity. The event featured discussions from: AI for Consciousness - Dr. Deepak Chopra AI for Tech - Poonacha Machaiah AI for Neuroscience - Dr. Srini Pillay AI for Impact - Kunal Sood AI for Peace - Barbara Winston

AI for Innovation - Craig Hatkoff AI for Climate - Lela Goren AI for Space - Sian Proctor AI for Loneliness - Radha Agarwal AI for Music - Jerry Wonda AI for Wellbeing - Gabriella Wright

AI for Entertainment - Alex Garfin AI for Accessibility - Eddie Ndopu AI for Art - Surprise 5 Artists Showcase Mental Health Coalition - Kenneth Cole



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