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LAMPA International Film Festival 2020

Ambassador Vasily Alekseevich Nebenzya chief of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations invited UN Representatives, diplomats and special guests to the LAMPA International Film Festival on the occasion of World Day of Social Justice at the Ex-Press at United Nations Headquarters. The event commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

The production of socially oriented films is one of the most popular modern and promising areas in cinematography. It is a creative and interactive format which serves as a lesson of heartwarming gestures for the younger generation. It can inspire a person to come to important decisions in their life's aim, transform the action of whole cities bringing new meaning to identify innovative approaches to solving social problems.

Guests were presented with the stories of volunteers and beneficiaries directed by professional documentarists and amateur studios representing various countries. Short documentaries 5-10 minutes long, exploring the giving work to the needy from around the world were shown to the audience.

Filmmakers were:

Yulia Andriyanova from Russia, Alessandro Rotili, Roberto Falessi, Cristian Filippi, Nic Bello and Gianmarco D’Agostino from Italy, Jude Kalman from Australia, Isabella Spadone from USA, Arjanmar H. Rebeta from the Philippines, and Abduazim Ilkhomdzhonov from Uzbekistan.

A cocktail buffet reception followed the film screening where guests and participants met LAMPA's filmmakers and stars of the short films, UN Mission representatives and journalists.

A few nights later before the participants departed to their home country following this important event, Society & Diplomatic Review offered a casual examination of the event with plans for more togetherness and collaboration for next year's bigger and even better event. There were follow-up interchanges and alot of enthusiasm on what more could be done for the following year’s event.

Katura Halleday with her mother Kyron Halleday from Australia, stayed a few days longer in NYC followed up the UN presentation with formal meetings with the UN Ambassador of Australia H.E. Mitch Fifield and H.E. Daniel António of Mozambique on her charitable endeavors in the country. Katura who lives in a remote Australian farm, wants to inspire and educate children in Mozambique.

LAMPA is a globally recognized cinema platform which promotes volunteering and charitable participation through the action language of cinema. The film festival has become extremely and annually attracts both amateurs and professionals in short film production who promote socially significant ideas in Russia and worldwide. To date, the film festival boasts a collection of more than 8,500 works from 132 countries.

Films included in the short list of the film festival become unique media content for special screenings, educational platforms targeting children and young people. It supplies material for workshops with NGOs harnessing new technologies to promote their activities.

For more information on the LAMPA International Film Festival:

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

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