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On Thursday October 7, 2021, the Permanent Mission of Latvia to the United Nations in conjunction with the Latvian Association of Architects hosted a opening exhibition reception to celebrate Latvia's thirty year membership to the United Nations. This event was held in conjunction with New York City's Architecture and Design Month- "Archtober" for the whole month of October. The exhibition opened from October 6th till October 10th.

The exhibition introduced Latvia and provided a glimpse of underlying aspects which shapes its culture through the lens of architectural renovations.

What are the attributes that helped Latvia sustain its cultural heritage over millenia? The exhibition presented the theme of vulnerability and its' aspects of exposure, sensitivity, authenticity, and transcendence as powerful attributes of Latvia's cultural self-identity expressed in sophisticated architectural renovations.

The exhibition showcased selected projects in photo presentations, film and interviews with the architects, presentation of perspective technology, and attitudes and lifestyles that have evolved in Latvia and have an effect on bringing the existing buildings beyond their former limits.

This was a collaborative effort of the Latvian Association of Architects along with the State Culture Capital Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the United States, and the Permanent Mission of Latvia to the United Nations.

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