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Mosul to Afghanistan - Redefining International Humanitarian and Security Emergency

UN Photo/H. Arvidsson

The battle had taken nine months, or 252 days. Casualty numbers were extremely difficult to assess, with estimates of ISIS fighters killed in the thousands. Mosul as one city, is a microcosm of allowing the terrorist factions Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS to take over control of the entire country of Afghanistan, now armed with the most advanced U.S. weapons technologies. The call for counterterrorism operations was advanced on 15 August 2021, the moment actionable intelligence was available on the Afghan government being overthrown. Today, those who have survived after the withdrawal of Village Stability Operations (VSO), are key to counterterrorism operations on the village, city/regional level. The longer the terrorists are allowed to embed themselves in the civilian populations, the harder it will be to accomplish the objective of VSO:SSTR:FID, the new global focus in our current International Humanitarian and Security Emergency. Note: Village Stability Operations: Stabilization, Security Transition, Reconstruction: Foreign Internal Defense (VSO:SSTR:FID). Right now, key government officials, key players within the educational system, and humanitarian relief organizations are being directly targeted. Of utmost importance is members of the Afghan judiciary that had convicted the terrorists that were released from the prisons. These judges and government officials are being specifically hunted and targeted. Those released by Assad in Syria, joined forces with Saddam's former Baathist leaders and forces, to form ISIS. The devastation caused by allowing this spiral is itself incomprehensible. Allowing the takeover of an entire country is 100X mosul and global coordinated counterterrorism must be immediate and proportional to the national security threat now impacting all 193 UN member countries.

Stephen M. ApatowCEO, Humanitarian Resource Institute (UN:NGO:DESA) H-II OPSEC Expeditionary Operations Telephone: 203-668-0282 Email:



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