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Silk Foulards Created by Ethiopian-born Designer to Promote Cheetah Conservation

Telsem by Adiam, a design company established by Adiam Geremew, creates, exhibits, and sells uniquely designed 100% pure silk foulards. Telsem by Adiam’s collection of foulards features traditional arts and crafts, vibrant colors, and decorative motifs. Telsem by Adiam has partnered with African Symposium to auction some of the selected designs for the Third Annual Forum on Wildlife Conservation in Africa: Mitigating Climate Change on October 21, 2022, at the Roosevelt House in New York.

Over a decade ago, Adiam’s design career began in her hometown of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Adiam was first introduced to and taught the process of foulard design by her esteemed friend and mentor, Mr. Hapte Selassie Tafasse, dubbed the Father of Ethiopian Tourism. Adiam’s designs are enchanting and opulent, with elements representative of her current home, the Island of Capri. The quintessential Italian lemons evoke the seaside of the Island in the summer. Adiam’s appreciation for the splendor of diverse history, traditions, and customs influenced her exclusive 2022-2023 Capri collection, which perfectly encapsulates the craftsmanship of her silk foulards.

As a special spotlight, the 2022 Wildlife Conservation in Africa Forum will highlight the conservation and protection of Cheetahs and how urgent action around climate mitigation is essential for wildlife and human well-being. The talks will cover the economic and social importance of conserving wildlife ecosystems and the direct effects on reversing and mitigating climate change to ensure the sustainability of our planet. They will also demonstrate the power of traditional knowledge and local conservation action to restore land tracts that increase carbon storage and provide plants that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere among other activities. Talks will also highlight the role that large animals like cheetahs play in facilitating climate mitigation.

Adiam Geremew will showcase her vibrant designs of the four cheetah print scarves that she especially designed for the Wildlife Conservation in Africa event taking place on Friday October 21, 2022 at the Roosevelt House. Please register Here to hold your place. SADR members can register with a special discount code SADR22. We look forward to seeing you there!



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