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Weekly News Update July 12 -16, 2021

Russia on Cuba - Security Council Media Stakeout (12 July 2021)


"Nearly 1 in 3 people didn’t have access to adequate food in 2020" - FAO Press Conference (12 July)


Colombia - Security Council


Amina J. Mohammed (Deputy Secretary-General) delivers tribute to the memory of Jovenel Moïse


Food Systems Dialogue


Security Council President (France) on Libya - Security Council Media Stakeout (July 15 2021)


Libya: update on ceasefire agreement - Security Council Briefing (15 July 2021)


Secretary-General calls for Observance of Olympic Truce for 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Tokyo


Afghanistan: '1/2 population in humanitarian need' - Press Conference (15 July 2021)


Mexico on Cuba & DPR Korea - Security Council Media Stakeout


Nelson Mandela International Day


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