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Yunus Dogan, Chairman of Atlas Group, awarded for Impact for Food Security

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On September 19th, 2022 during the busy UN General Assembly week, Yunus Dogan, along with several other impact leaders were awarded at the Fashion 4 Development Second Goals Banquet held at 583 Park Avenue. Mr. Dogan, in particular was awarded for his work in food security with his product that nurtures the soil. Rezfree is a organice microbio fertilizier developed by his Texas bio-tech company belonging to the American-based, Atlas Group.

As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Dogan has spent the last 40 years growing Atlas Group from a small, family-owned construction company into a multinational enterprise with operations in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and biotechnology. He is also the Chairman to the Board of Directors for the U.S.-Algerian Business Council.

Mr. Dogan has a long history of leadership, coupled with extensive experience in business development in both the U.S. and Algeria, making him the ideal person for the award. In Algeria, Atlas Group has spent the last 20 years building one of the most trusted names in construction, having completed projects for the Algerian government including hundreds of thousands of housing units, countless hospitals, government buildings, schools and other municipal and commercial buildings. The company recieved the highest innovation award from the United Nations for their work in the MENA region. During Atlas' time in Algeria, the company has focused on developing skilled local labor, with Algerian citizens now making up the majority of Atlas in-country management and total workforce. In addition to construction, Atlas has invested in domestic agriculture, including the recent commercial launch of Atlas Farming. Atlas Group is a multinational enterprise with operations in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and biotechnology.

Mr. Yunus Dogan accepting his award

More recently, founded in Houston, Texas, Mr. Dogan heads the innovative result-based biotechnology company RezFree Inc. which develops and commercializes “nature-based” innovative products in agriculture. RezFree Inc. is actively exploring the undiscovered potential of biotechnology for farmers. Farmers worldwide have been a consistent sounding board with respect to the global negative impacts of chemicals used in lands. The Texan company employs methods and practices of microbiology, biotechnology and relevant life sciences to develop already-proven solutions for critical problems in agriculture. Their research is concentrated on increasing soil health, the degradation of chemical substances blocking natural processes, increasing crop yield, and enhancing nutrient transformations.

Also in attendance, Mrs. Nabila Amghar, the Cultural, Communications, Economics and Press Division of the Consulate General of Algeria

In particular, their product, RezFree has proved especially successful. RezFree is a liquid organic based nutrient and a soil catalyst containing a blend of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides, and organic matter.

To show support to Mr. Dogan at the high-level banquet was the Consulate General of Algeria to New York.

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