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HRH Premier: Bahrain land of peace, co-existence

Manama, Dec. 6 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has affirmed that all human beings are brothers and sisters, stressing that no religious or sectarian differences can affect Bahrainis' long-standing co-existence and love towards each other as "We all worship One God." "The World has to listen to us and analyse the on-going fighting, wars and tensions in the region, why have wars and conflicts been created between the region's countries and peoples and for whose interests they have been launched," he said as he received a special edition of the US-based "Society & Diplomatic Review" (SDR) magazine marking his record winning of the fourth UN award in less than a decade. HRH Premier affirmed that Bahrain is the land of peace, love and fraternal co-existence, adding that the kingdom has joined the International Community in denouncing and combating terrorism. HRH Premier made the statements as he received at the Gudaibiya Palace today the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the US-based "Society & Diplomatic Review" (SDR) magazine Gloria Starr Kins, who presented him with a special edition of the magazine marking the granting of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sustainable Development Award to the Prime Minister by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the fourth UN award to be conferred on him in less than 10 years. HRH Premier welcomed Gloria Starr Kins' visit to the kingdom, expressing pride in the world's growing interest in the kingdom's development march, and keenness to shed light on its landmark achievements, and present Bahrain as a pioneering development model. The prestigious position reached by the kingdom at the international level is the fruitful outcome of the concerted efforts of Bahrainis within the government's approach which gives top priority to fulfilling the citizens' needs and providing them with the requirements of decent living, he said. HRH Premier highlighted the importance of stepping up international cooperation in order to ensure a better present and future for the entire humanity, based on science and knowledge, the best means to achieve development and progress. "The requirements of knowledge have become different, and countries of the world should make advanced steps for the sake of their peoples' well-being, which requires us to listen to each other, especially amid the on-going developments and events in many regions of the world whose effects will reach all," he said. HRH Premier stressed that development can be achieved only through peace and stability, calling for collective and concerted international efforts in order to promote fraternity and cordiality worldwide. "Maintaining humanity's stability in the present and the future cannot be achieved unless the nature of the current achievements is analysed thoroughly and drastic solutions for the world's problems are put forward," he added. SDR editor-in-chief and publisher lauded the freedom of belief and religion prevailing in Bahrain, as well as HRH Premier's wisdom and government policies which helped the kingdom achieve development and progress in various fields. She also lauded Bahrain's rich history, traditions and heritage, as well as its respect for cultures and traditions. Gloria Starr Kins congratulated HRH the Prime Minister on the ITU honour conferred on him recently, stressing that her visit to the kingdom has proved the Premier's clear role in Bahrain's progress boom. She pointed out the special edition of the "Society & Diplomatic Review", issued marking the granting of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sustainable Development Award to the Prime Minister by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), documents Bahrain's leading experience in the field of development and its success in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which, she said, entitles it to be an inspiring development model. Gloria Starr Kins lauded Bahrain's development and progress in various fields, especially its pioneering experience in education. She expressed admiration of Bahrain as a country with a deep-rooted history and civilisation spanning more than 5,000 years. W H Q BNA 1608 GMT 2015/12/06

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