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Remembering Dan

Dan was the "cream of the crop" of the industry.

What an honor and pleasure to meet Daniel Edelman’s family- Richard, his brother, and his sister at the Edelman’s 65th Anniversary Founder’s Day Event at Baruch College, co-sponsored by CCI and the Museum of Public Relations. It made me think back to Daniel Edelman’s invitations to fabulous high tickets events. It always involved tourism, elite fashion products, champagne- the best, scotch, liquor companies, and classy attendees. For me, it started with him 1957, early in my activities and still at the start-up at Edelman; I was at that time the right hand of Charles van Rensselaer covering for the Cholly Knickerbocker syndicated column covering the elite of 125 capital cities of the world.

I was also head of New York office of Curtis Publishing encompassing Sat Evening Post, Holiday, and Status magazine, and at the same time, on radio with the Sandy Lesberg nighttime show on WOR from 12 midnights to 5am. Dan would frequently call me with a high level ticket item of an always spectacular and noteworthy event-his events were always classy and had flare.

When I became more active in the United Nations, and he started involving his company and interweaving international clients, he frequently would suggest I invite a few of my diplomatic colleagues and friends from the UN. It was nice to be included as I have not been in touch with Dan for quite some time and had never connected with his family. I hope that Richard Edelman, now that we have met, will include me in his blog the 6am or some of his future exciting events and launches.

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