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Roshni Media TIA Awards Gala 2018 at the Pierre Hotel

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

The nonprofit Raising Awareness of Young Women with Autism held its first initiative, the Roshni TIA Awards Gala, recently in New York, during which it honored philanthropists and social justice leaders who have significant impact and contributions towards women’s rights and well-being. U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York was among one of the 350 attendees who supported the nonprofit initiative.

Other notable attendees at the event were Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Dr. Rashmee Sharma, Mani Kamboj, Tonino Lamborghini, Ginevra Lamborghini, actress Lindsay Lohan, Bollywood actor Rohit Roy, Lauren Lawrence, Nick Kavallieratos, Maryann Kavallieratos, Vicky Tiel, Patricia Kluge, Brian Trudell, Cynthia Trudell, Shakti Jauhar, Ami Shah Nagarajan, Kamesh Nagarajan, NY state Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright, Thara Natalie and Jay Sean.

The gala benefits Young Women with Autism who struggle to find an engaging vocation that fits their skillset. For the past 15 years the women-owned nonprofit, Raising Awareness of Young Women with Autism, has worked passionately to create awareness for young women with autism and find a solution to securing the right engagement to match their interests and skills.

For more information on RAYWA:

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

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