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Launch of African Symposium’s Wildlife Conservation in Africa: The New Way Forward

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

The United Nations General Assembly has designated March 3 as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora, and to recognize the intrinsic value of wildlife and its various contributions to sustainable development and human well-being.

African Symposium’s Inaugural Forum on Wildlife Conservation in Africa was launched on March 3, 2020 in conjunction with United Nations designated World Wildlife Day and coordinating with Sustainable Development Goal 15.H.E. Lazarus O. Amayo, Ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Kenya, and H.E. Jean-Claude do Rego, Ambassador of Benin to the UN gave opening remarks introduced and moderated by Dr. Djibril Diallo, CEO of The African Renaissance and Diaspora Network. The forum took place at the Rubin Museum of Art The event focused on opportunities for the African Diaspora community and prominent friends to be more active and engaged in this visible and significant action..

The other prominent speakers included Angela Grimes CEO of Born Free USA, Lexi Bowes-Lyon of Space for Giants Foundation based in New York and London, Edwin Tambara of African Wildlife Foundation, Alexandra Mor, celebrity Jewelry Designer, Esther Agbarakwe, Nigerian Climate Change Activist, Fleurie LeClercq, Children's Book Author, NDE Media Group, Zigi BenHaim, renowned Israeli artist showcased his paintings THE MAGNIFICENT DOZEN: Endangered Animals paintings, Dr. David O’Connor, Permanent Observer of IUCN to the UN, Dr. Dale Jamieson, Director, NYU Center for Environmental & Animal Protection, and The Same Sky Foundation.

There are an estimated 415,000 wild elephants on the continent. Approximately 55 African elephants are poached every day. Due to rampant poaching for Rhino horn, there are only two Northern White Rhinos left in the world, both of which are female, and with approximately 23,000 lions left in the wild, African lions face extinction by 2050.

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Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

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