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Auld Lang Syne

1945, NYC

Going back to carefree days of the to be debutantes of those years my last year of high school, a group of dedicated NYC socialites assembled an officers club for visiting military dignitaries. These gentlemen were from overseas, coming through New York or based in New York as a way for them to receive New York hospitality from the higher rank of better known at the time families of the city. The concept was if the young representatives of the families have the pleasure to meet the military officers, they would be inclined to invite these military ranking gentlemen to their homes in a casual manner to create high level cultural exchange.

It was a warm get to know you type of event to thank our foreign partners and to be grateful to them in every way possible sponsored by the then-owners of the Hotel Plaza.

From left: Zeta Heinmuller the Longines heiress with a Major in the Lovats Scouts, Gloria Starr Kins, 17 years old, and Major Lyon Balfour Paul from Tynehead Castle in Midlothian Scotland, also a member of the Lovats Scouts

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review Archives


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