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Embassy of Ecuador reception for the Galapagos Foundation

By: Neshan Naltchayan

PC: Neshan Naltchayan

Ambassador Ivonne A-Baki hosted a reception at the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington D.C. on

March 11th, 2022 in honor of the Charles Darwin Foundation. Hans Van Poelvoorde, President

and Board member of the Charles Darwin Foundation and Rakan Zahawi, Executive Director

and Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, spoke on the efforts of Ecuador as leading the way for

conservation in the world.

Gabriela Sommerfeld, board member of the Charles Darwin Foundation and renowned businesswoman, presented Ambassador A-Baki with a blue-footed booby figurine- a symbolic bird native to the Galapagos. It highlighted the relationship between the Ecuadorian government and the Charles Darwin foundation.

Among the guests was former Ambassador of United States to Ecuador, Todd Chapman.




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