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Neil Kerman, Master of Modern Abstractionism

802 Blink Turbine

Photo Credits: Neil Kerman

Kerman, based in Brooklyn, maintains a studio and a personal gallery, a retrospective of his works. He is officially represented by Saphira & Ventura Gallery in Midtown, Manhattan address. Under the auspices of the gallery, he has exhibited his artwork in France, Brazil, China, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong where he has established many faithful collectors.

Neil Kerman gives credit to his skills and passion to his uncle, Jack Adler, who was a longtime illustrator and colorist at DC Comics. Jack Adler used to use bold colors to generate visual excitement in the Batman and Superman comics.

Kerman’s works are a profound color chemistry experiment. He describes it as “abstract art that has a visual language that provokes emotions, feelings, textures and a mixture of colors.” His mixtures of colors and textures creates a memorable, dynamic, and an exuberant environmental experience.

Neil Kerman explores the art world with sensitivity and multiple talents. Expressing his sentiments by holding exhibitions, holding lectures, workshops and sharing his thoughts and knowledge in the four corners of the world.

Kerman harnesses his art and generosity as a special tool- manipulating colors and shapes as a stimulus for relief to treat Alzheimer's patients. His works are not only focused on boundless provocative aesthetics but also heavily concentrated on social giving.

Kerman’s primary occupation is healthcare centers and retirement homes. He has lectured on the subject of health and aging in London, São Paulo, and his hometown of New York. He has exhibited at the United Nations, sponsored by the Saphira and Ventura gallery in collaboration with the Portuguese Language Society to the United Nations.

As a painter, some of his key accomplishments includes: a successful solo exhibition at the UN Headquarters 2017, an exhibition in Italy during the Venice Art Biennale (2019), a conference and exhibition at MIIT Museum in Turin, Italy (Museo internazionale Italia Arte) (2019), and Art & Awareness conference and exhibition at the Centro Cultural Correios - Rio de Janeiro. At this event he boasted a record of 42,571 visitors and the Brazilian National Post Office service honored him by launching a commemorative Alzheimer’s theme Neil Kerman official postage stamp.

He has been selected to participate at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, “Time Space Existence” Exhibition, organized by the European Cultural Center in Venice. His work will be presented in collaboration with the well established architect, Edo Rocha at Saphira & Ventura Gallery Salon at Palazzo Mora. One of the greatest challenges for Neil Kerman in 2020-21 is to work with different segments, such as developing projects in partnership with architects.

Artist Neil Kerman

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

Kerman is currently developing an avant-garde parallel collection catered towards commercial and residential projects in the architectural and design industry.

Recently in February 2020, he exhibited at the Fairmont Hotel Cabin at Marquês de Sapucaí at the same time holding a Solo Exhibition at Fairmont Hotel, Rio de Janeiro.

Kerman's National and International Exhibitions: Marbella Art Fair - 2016 Ibiza Art gallery exhibition - 2016 Bursan Art Fair - South Korea  - 2017 Singapore SG Art Fair and Hotel Rendevouz Exhibitions - 2017 Madrid -  Ateneu  Exhibition- 2018 Basel/Switzerland Scope - 2018 Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair- 2018 London  - Start Art Fair / Crossroads Art Fair - 2018/2019  Vienna/Austria - Steiner Gallery - 2017 Paris - Art Fair and Gallery Exhibition.- 2017/2018/2019 Miami - Art Wynwood - 2017 Saint Tropez Art Fair/Pampelonne - 2017  Cannes - Carlton Intercontinantal  - 2017/2019 Monaco Boat Show - 2018 New York  - Art New York and Scope 2017/2018 Osaka/Japan - Gallery Art Exhibition - 2018 Brussels - "Cube" Art Fair.  2018 Sao Paulo 2018 - Hebraica and Saphira & Ventura Gallery Art Exhibition Rio de Janeiro. - CC Correios Rio de Janeiro 2019\  Torino/Italy International Museum 2019 Venice Bienal of Art - 2019 Miami- Scope Art Fair   2018 Palm Beach Art Fair 2017/2018  Los Angeles  -  LA Art Fair. - 2018 New York Fashion Week at Saphira Gallery New York - 2020 International Conference - Arts Awareness MITT Torino Museum - 2019 London Bulgari Hotel - 2018 State University of Rio de Janeiro -2020 Albert Einstein Sao Paulo - 209 and 2020 CC Correios Rio de Janeiro 2020 London Royal Nursing Home - 2018


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