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Texworld 2019: Spotlight on Scoop

Messe Frankfurt based in Germany kicked off TexWorld initiative at the Jacob Javits Center  recently.

Covering the event for Society & Diplomatic Review, Edna L. Perkins, Fashion editor and Juvy Ann Ignacio, Junior Fashion Editor interviewed Daniel Pinto, the Business development and strategist of Scoop- a Portuguese based manufacturing company  who specializes in upcycling. 80 Billion pieces of clothing are produced yearly, and billions are thrown out to make room for new ones. Upcycling offers a stylish and innovative way to restrain the rate of waste. Scoop’s goal is to prove that sustainable fashion is possible on a manufacturing level. They encourage designers and brands to take advantage of what can be done with reused textiles.

Scoop and Tommy Hilfiger  successfully Upcycled an entire fashion line from the manufacturing plant in Portugal.

Mr. Pinto cautioned that the manufacturing of denim is a major contributor to water pollution worldwide as told by the documentary “RiverBlue”.

Society & Diplomatic Review  are looking forward to, and are hopeful that (FFsdg ) “Fashion for Forest”  a Sustainable development Goal initiative at the United Nations and Scoop can continue collaborating on this focus. Celebrity actress Michelle Yeo of the  Oscar nominated film “Crazy Rich Asians”, is the spokesperson of “Fashion for Forest” initiative-elaborated at the United Nations in Geneva, promoting the awareness of the forest, Water, and natural  resources to better the Fashion Industry worldwide.

TexWorld in New York  is held twice annually , is a major game changer for the future of the fashion industry. TexWorld will be held in July again- hopefully Scoop as well.

For more information on Texworld:

To learn more about the SDGs:

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review


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