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A Briefing on Türkiye's Foreign Policy & Reception

PC: Neshan Naltchayan

On March 14th, His Excellency Dr. H. Murat Mercan, Ambassador of Türkiye to the United States of America invited fellow dignitaries and friends of Turkey to the Ambassador's private residence in Washington D.C.

The event provided an opportunity for a select group of attendees to engage in an interactive discussion with Ambassador Mercan on Turkish-US relations and Türkiye’s foreign policy priorities.

The briefing focused on Türkiye’s views on the situation in Ukraine and Black Sea, as well as Türkiye’s efforts for stability and peace in the South Caucasus, including through Turkish-Armenia normalization process.

The briefing also discussed on Türkiye’s recent engagements with its partners in the Gulf as well as the conclusions of the recent high-level contacts between Türkiye and Israel that is expected to culminate with the President of Israel’s visit to Türkiye scheduled for early March.

Ambassador Mercan and the attendees also had the chance to further elaborate on the opportunities the developments in NATO’s eastern flank and Türkiye’s region may bring for the Turkish-US cooperation.



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