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Artist Feature: Alexandra Mor

Alexandra Mor, well known Jewelry Designer, Town & Country award-winning jeweler and feature star of Italian Vogue magazine, “Protagonist” article, brought her eye popping big shot jewelry collection down to the NYFW Spring Place emporium. It was a successful event with celebrity guests. Her extravagant items were sought after by clients and guests.

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

Alexandra has climbed to the top of the ladder of a male dominated profession in the jewelry industry. She is talented and innovative as well as personally beautiful — inside and out. Her exquisite designs are elegant and coveted, clients are high ticket. Oprah Winfrey, Brooke Shields, Lynda Carter, Mila Kunis, Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Campbell are just a few of her celebrity clients.

Alexandra spent a year in Bali, Indonesia. She has created a special delicate line of jewelry made from the seed of the Taque tree which grows in Indonesia. Her motivation was to compete with an environmental product resembling 100 percent elephant ivory — it is selling like wildfire. And key to this creativity and imagination of her effort is that the elephants now are no longer being robbed of their tusks. As ivory is forbidden now to be sold worldwide, Alexandra should reap in hopefully millions of dollars with her new product that is already being grabbed up.

At The Plaza Hotel New York Wedding season, it was astounding how many of the formal gifts were the de’trop present for the bride from her new family. What today is a spectacular offering is tomorrow’s heirloom. Alexandra’s showing is fit for this wedding season featuring Monvieve Veils Milano.

As we had the honor of being a witness to the Royal wedding of Prince and Princess Duchess of Sussex, this season it was elegant and stunning. So was this season collection from Alexandra Mor.

Alexandra has jewels fit for a prince and princess, a very high-level jewelry designer of this current time in fashion. It was a privilege to cover her story in Indonesia and her world travels with education of the jewelry industry worldwide, she will be an interesting speaker on educating the next generation of jewelers and sustainability.

Recently, at the Hotel Plaza, the New York Fashion Week bridal showing honored Lynda Carter, an actress, star of the popular original Television series “Wonder Woman” was trying on the jewels, deciding which super wonderful pieces of jewelry would be hers.

Photo Credits: Society & Diplomatic Review

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