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Renowned Algerian singer Leila Borsali visits NYC

Photo Credits: Nabila Amghar

The Consulate General of Algeria in New York, Diplomats of the mission of Algeria to the United Nations, and the presence of the Algerian community in the USA had the pleasure to receive Leila Borsali on Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at the consulate general of Algeria headquarters.

Leila Borsali was able to meet members of the Algerian community established in the US with whom Lila Borsali took pleasure discussing and exchanging Algerian heritage Andalusian music, to promote future Algerian heritage music in the US.

Born into a Tlemcenian family of music lovers in Algeria, her father, Abdellah Benmansour, was pharmacist who is a lover of the arts, and his mother Sabiha Benkelfat, a French teacher at the university, is also president of the cultural association "La grande maison", at the origin of the institution of a national literary prize bearing the name of the prestigious Algerian writer. Driven by her desire to sing, Lila, from the age of eleven, learned to play the mandolin in an initiation class led by Mr. Bekkaï. She joined some time later the senior orchestra of the prestigious association "Ahbab Cheikh Larbi Bensari" led by Mr. Fawzi Kalfat and became one of the pillar soloists of the group. She participates in many concerts and festivals as well as the recording of a CD for Radio France entitled "Nouba Zidene" in which she interpreted an "insiraf": "Ya Ghazal Dabyu el Hima", a classic of the Arab- Andalusian.

Lila Borsali’s beautiful voice is considered a bridge between Europe and North Africa – a spiralling, powerful sound providing one of the best interpretations of Arab-Andalusian music in the world today.

The Algerian singer Lila Borsali specializes in musical suites called Noubaat and a derivative called Hawzii, both forms of melodic poetry.



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