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Message by Rabbi Arthur Schneier to UN General Assembly in Historic Video Conference

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gathered religious leaders on Tuesday to urget them to challenge “inaccurate and harmful messages” that are fueling rising ethno-nationalism, stigma, hate speech and conflict as the coronavirus pandemic circles the globe.

The U.N. chief warned a video meeting on the role of faith leaders in addressing the challenges of COVID-19 that “extremists and radical groups are seeking to exploit eroding trust in leadership and feed on people’s vulnerability to serve their own ends.”

He called on faith leaders to promote solidarity based on human rights and human dignity as well as social cohesion, mutual respect and understanding.

Rabbi Schneier shared with the world leaders: "As People of Faith we must be in the forefront of countering the hate mongers in our midst who have invaded social media to disseminate xenophobia, anti-Semitism, bias against minorities and conspiracy theories exploiting this tragic time for hatred and division.

We must also shield our children from the transmission of division and hatred. By example we must serve as their moral compass to educate them of our commitment toLove your Neighbor as Yourself and Respect the Other in a concerted effort to unite our divided human family.

We all have responsibility to come together with all sectors of society in an alliance of civilization to establish a 21st Century Recovery Plan to repair and improve our wounded world.” - Rabbi Arthur Schneier, May 12, 2020

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